The Island

Lying at the heart of the Mediterranean is the island of Malta. With superbly sunny weather, attractive beaches, a thriving nightlife and 7,000 years of intriguing history, there is a great deal to see and do.

From Megaliths to medieval dungeons and Calypso’s Cave – The Maltese Islands are positively mythic. The narrow meandering streets of their towns and villages lead to the main square, which is invariably dominated by the huge baroque church. As the countryside is dotted with medieval towers, wayside chapels and the oldest known manmade structures in the world, the Islands have rightly been described as an open-air museum.


UESA is happy to invite you to attend the The European Young Engineers Conference on Emerging Tech, in Malta. The event, organised around the central theme of “Emerging Technology” will combine an outstanding and varied technical programme with engaging social activities. The technical program will include a broad choice of visits to leading companies, interesting keynote speeches and state-of-the-art workshops held by knowledgeable engineering professionals. 

We’re offering two packages:

1. EYE Premium: €200 (Includes: Conference Fee and Accommodation*)
2. EYE Basic: €140 (Includes: Conference Fee. No Accommodation)

Please note that registration will close on August 30th.

* accomodation is a quarter of an hour walk from Sliema and a quarter of an hour bus from St. Julian’s

Flights are not included.

Attendance is limited so make sure to book your place!

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  2. Fill in the registration form.
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  4. Transfer the money before the stipulated deadline.
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17:00 – Registration

19:00  Opening Ceremony (followed by drinks)


8:00  Breakfast

9:45  Industrial Visits

12:00  Sightseeing

15:00  Session 1

16:00  Coffee Break

16:30  Session 2

20:00  Gala Dinner with FEANI

22:00  Social Activity



9:00  Breakfast

10:30  Session 3

12:30  Coffee Break

13:00  Grand Harbour Cruise

15:30  Session 4

17:30  Closing Ceremony

19:30  Free time

21:00  Evening Event


9:00  Breakfast

10:30  Tour of Mdina

13:30  Traditional Maltese meal

15:00  Tour of Valletta


Marc Anthony is the Research Coordinator of ASTREA – the Astrionics Research Group of the University of Malta that is currently developing Malta’s first spacecraft. He is also the principal investigator of MEMENTO – a funded R&I project that is currently developing high performance camera products based on a patent he holds in this area.

Marc began his career soon after his first degree with a brief stint at STMicroelectronics, working on automotive electronic products. His thirst for knowledge and the desire to apply it in unconventional and creative ways soon brought him back to the University of Malta as a research trainee. He later joined the Faculty of Engineering as a full time academic where he was involved in several multinational European (FP6/7) research projects in automotive and aerospace engineering.

Building on his combined experience in electronics and the aerospace research sector, and his refusal to accept that small countries cannot do great things, he decided to embark on the unlikely task of building two new industries for Malta – a space industry centered around miniature satellites and a high performance vision industry – which are both high growth, high value-added industries that scale ideally to Malta’s resource strengths and limitations.

Dr Azzopardi is a warranted engineer, holding Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Malta and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Cranfield University, UK.


Tonio Sant is an associate professor within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Malta. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the same university in 1999 and obtained his PhD in wind energy from Delft University of Technology in 2007. Before joining the University of Malta in 2003, Tonio worked for Air Malta as an aircraft maintenance engineer. He has taught fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics and renewable energy. His main research areas include wind turbine aerodynamics, floating wind turbines, wind resource estimation, hydraulic-based energy transmission and offshore storage. He is presently leading the FLASC project which involves a new and patented offshore floating energy storage concept (


Ivan Bartolo is a Digital Entrepreneur and experienced business leader.

Prior to founding 6PM in 2001, Ivan served on the International Board of Directors of the Dynamic Systems Development Consortium based in London. Throughout this time Ivan worked with Global Companies such as Verizon (USA), Manulife Financial (Canada), British Airways (UK) and Storebrand (Norway) amongst many others. His involvement with these organisations was that of an Agile Trainer, Coach and Consultant introducing Agility both as a process and a mindset. Ivan’s training style is driven by his passion to ignite a fire within his audience to engage people’s hearts and minds.

Ivan’s passion for training and coaching, working with individuals and teams has most definitely been his positive contribution in his own business as 6PM grew from a one-man band in 2001 to a workforce of 170 ICT specialists by 2017. A workforce in four geographic locations (Malta, UK, Ireland and Macedonia) with one Culture and one Vision – “Making Health an affordable commodity in the 21st Century”.

Throughout the 16 year journey, Ivan was responsible to reinvent the 6PM business model several times taking the business from its early days of offering professional services based on a time and material commercial business model to a software products business serving the Health (NHS) vertical in the United Kingdom based on a software licensing commercial business model.

As CEO of the 6PM Group, Ivan was the driving force behind the IPO process in 2007 when 6PM Holding PLC listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. This was preceded by a Rights Issue in 2011 and a Bond Issue in 2015. Ivan has been involved in several business acquisitions and sales both in Malta and the United Kingdom. This experience has lead Ivan to appreciate the pains of both organic and by acquisition business growth and the impact both have on the organisation’s culture and values. In this regard, Ivan’s ability to work with individuals and teams through the “Building Team” processes are second to none. Ivan is nothing less than convinced of the huge need to first “Build Teams” and thereafter focus on “Team Building”.

6PM was acquired in 2017 and Ivan moved on to new horizons in February 2018. Ivan has founded BITS Limited (Business Innovation, Transformation and Simplification) and is now focusing on motivating and inspiring business leaders through his passion for sharing his life and business experience, knowledge and wisdom.

In business the only constant is change. Change is driven by Technology, Market Conditions, Strategic Talent Development and Corporate Governance. Throughout his 35 years’ working experience, Ivan has continuously experienced change imposed by these business change drivers.

In 2015, Ivan was awarded the degree of “Doctor of University” Honoris Causa from Middlesex University for his lifetime achievements in Digital Entrepreneurship.


Donald Dalli graduated in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malta with first class honours in 2014. During his bachelor degree, Donald Dalli worked as a student engineer at Dold Industrial Automation Ltd. He then followed a Masters Degree at the same University focussing on mechatronic system design and graduated with a distinction in 2015. At the same time, Donald Dalli was working with IBG Automation Malta Ltd, specializing in factory simulations, robot programming and software development. Donald Dalli joined the University of Malta again in 2016 and was appointed as a Research Support Officer II under the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering working on the MALTAHIP project, and at the same time he is also pursuing his doctoral degree. The MALTAHIP project is funded by the Malta Council for Science and Technology through FUSION: The R&I Technology Development Programme 2016 (R&I-2015-023).